We Are High-Five PR

Social Media Marketing Agency
Made by social media creators to help businesses in establishing their brand online.


The H5 Approach

How We Operate

- We only work with brands we are passionate about. We treat it as if it was our own. The recommendations we make to our clients are the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies. 

- We get into the story and voice of your brand.

- We build a strategy that goes hand in hand with your brand vision

- We help growing your TikTok page, which leads to free and continuos organic traffic to your business

- We create and run campaigns that sell your product efficiently.

- We collect and utilise data to continuously optimise and scale your campaigns.

- We guarantee strong communication and email support

How We Don't Operate

- We do not offer google ads, email marketing or SEO Optimization
- We do not offer free trials


What We Do

Let’s Work Together


For You

  • We create the strategy

  • We create the campaigns

  • We create the content (with your assets)

  • We collect data & optimise

  • We deliver results

  • We'll send you weekly reports.

With You

  • For businesses that need consulting.

  • In conjunction with your team, Alex will construct a tailored campaign, and instruct you on how to scale and maintain it in the future.

  • Gives your team great insight into the mechanics of profitable social media use, from someone who does it successfully on a daily basis.

  • Online or In-person workshops


Are you ready to schedule a free call with our team?

In this call we’ll be having a coffee together while we discuss strategy, tailored solutions, and elaborate on exactly how we can help grow your business.